maggio 8, 2016

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Talk for...Italy

This is a CLIL lesson about Italy for a grade 5 class of the Primary School. Italy, our beautiful country, is made up of different landscapes.  The first part of the unit, lessons 1-6, explores its physical features: seas, mountains, rivers, volcanoes, etc.  The second part, lessons 7-9, presents some facts about the country: regions, cities, languages spoken etc.  The title was inspired by the English idiom “talk for England”, a sarcastic phrase that means “talking a lot”. WE can now start talking…..for Italy.


       Autore: Prof. ssa Maria Daniela Gambaro
 Materia: Geografia
 Classe: Quinta
 Scuola: Istituto Comprensivo G.Galilei -  Busto Arsizio (VA)